We’d love to hear from you!

Would you like to collaborate with us? We warmly welcome any contact from organizers looking to book the quartet for performances or educational workshops, composers who would like to write for the quartet (including film scoring), interdisciplinary artists (dancers, visual artists) looking to partner, and anyone who would like to connect with us about the music!

For composers: We love to co-create and work together throughout the process to learn about each other and align all our unique creative expressions into something that moves us all! We are very open to various compositional approaches, including but not limited to graphic scoring, improvisation, conceptual scores, 5-line notation, and interdisciplinary collaborations.

For educational workshops: we offer a variety of workshops that can involve topics like improvisation, co-creative composition techniques, inclusive score creation, etc. We also love to tailor these to the context.

We look forward to creating with you!