Desert Quill Quartet EPK

Desert Quill Quartet is a co-devised group of performer-composers from diverse geographical and musical backgrounds: Dan Gonzalez (clarinet), Yvette Cornelia Holzwarth (violin/voice), Patrick Behnke (viola), Ben Finley (double bass).

Their instrumentation opens an unplaceable and rich acoustic sonic palette-welcoming in improvisatory soundscapes, kinetic grooves, and personal/place-based compositions.

Through multi-disciplinary collaborations, recordings, and live performances, you will hear cued in-the-moment sonic transformations that invite ears of all kinds into worlds that often sound playful, warm, expansive and deeply communicative.

The Desert Quill Quartet-whether moving sound and space with dancers, soundtracking stop animations, or playing on mountain tops, in basements or in concert halls-sparks a fresh and a joyfully far-reaching ethos to contemporary music making and human connection.

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