“Return of Rain” release day!

“Return of Rain” release day!

We are happy to release our new track and video for “Return of Rain,” a meditative song by Yvette Holzwarth and performed by Desert Quill Quartet.

Return of rain
Like long fingers stroking skin
Wakes me up again

Gleaming lights
In dark alleys, concrete wet
Remind me of your eyes

Rub out the fear
Wash me clean
The river swells across the street
I know how she longs to spill
Let her overflow
Let her flow over

Performed by the Desert Quill Quartet
Composed by Yvette Cornelia Holzwarth
Recorded September 2022 at Northumberland Music Studio, Ontario, Canada
Engineered by Andy Thompson
Yvette Holzwarth ~ Lead vocals
Daniel González ~ Vocals
Patrick Behnke ~ Viola and vocals
Ben Finley ~ Double bass and vocals
Mixed by Yvette Holzwarth
Mastered by Jodhi Mather-Pike